Contemporary Classic Speedboats

Oct 25, 2017 Andrew Middleton

A Vintage mahogany speedboat in not for everyone.  We have found that although some clients are intrigued with the idea of owning a period classic runabout, they hesitate moving forward into this sector of the market.  They love the graceful lines, the attention to detail and the “hands on” approach to the building process, but clearly want a “turn key” boat with many of the modern amenities.  Because of this demand, there are many Boat companies that build Contemporary or Retro styled speedboats. 

We search the world for interesting boats that cater to the needs of the discriminating client who does not want to own a boat like the one at the dock next door.  A statement of individuality…Certainly.  A unique boating lifestyle…Absolutely.  Life is not a dress rehearsal.  Our clients know the value of time and what pleasure boating means. Why not treat yourself to a lifestyle that truly speaks to your character.  We offer a large portfolio of boating options that contain a wealth of resources to choose from.

New retro style boats are offered in many formats. Chris-Craft comes to the top of the list and today builds a full range of Runabouts.  No longer built of wood, Chris-Crafts use the latest in composite construction, modern power and electronics to create a line of boats that still reflect classic style.  Using wood accents and luxury class appointments, Chris crafts are unlike any other boat on the market.

Like Chris-Craft, Riva has also moved away from building mahogany speedboats but today builds some of the most iconic luxury boats in the World.  Rolls Royce and Aston Martin both all have stunning concept boats on the drawing board.  The fashion house, Hermes is also linked to a European boat builder that is currently producing a Porsche “Speedster” runabout.  On this side of the pond, we represent two West Coast Companies building Retro style wood speedboats.  Stan-Craft has a near cult following for their unique designs. Coeur Custom Boats design and build mahogany speedboats unlike any boat on the Continent. 


Contact us for more details on these new boats.  Like you, they are unique in every detail.