Sep 29, 2017

Andrew Middleton started restoring wood boats nearly 30 years ago after attending the famous International Boat Building Training Centre, located in Lowestoft, England.  He graduated with Honours, completed a City and Guild diploma on boat design and construction and was then mentored by Jack Chippendale, a Master Boatwright who helped set the foundation for how the business is run today.  Chippendale said, “Your reputation is everything.  Set Quality as your #1 priority, hold your client in the highest regard and be a man of integrity.  In time you will attract the Who’s Who of boating in your quest to make their dreams come true.  Someday, your efforts will be rewarded.” 

Boathouse Bay Classics has restored some of the most iconic boat brands in existence like Chris-Craft, Gar-Wood, Hacker-Craft, Greavette, Shepherd.   A few years back a client contracted the restoration of a 1941 Chris-Craft Barrel Back with a mandate to enter the boat in the Lake Tahoe Concours D’Elegance in August 2014.  Any boat being judged was to be in “As Delivered, factory original” condition.  The deadline was met, “Diddit” was hand painted, using Gold leaf, on the transom and Andrew took it to the show resolved to let the boat speak for itself. 

When the Awards were given, “Diddit” was one of three first place boats to score over 95 out of 100 points.   Clearly, any boat judged at the Lake Tahoe Concours D’Elegance is already an extraordinary boat.  Regardless of the awards, the true accomplishment was knowing that Boathouse Bay Classics had restored this iconic American Chris-Craft, brought it to the best show in North America and placed very well.  To top it all off, the boat was launched back to the water, where it belongs, to ply the waters of any lake at the discretion of the owner.  We, the Crew at Boathouse Bay Classics along with Absolute Classics Marine, and the dedicated owner of the boat…”Diddit” and will continue to create Dream boats for the discriminating collector. Contact us to find out how you can start your own journey