From The Crew

Nov 10, 2017 Andrew Middleton

So, you are considering a purchase of a Classic Runabout?  The acquisition of such a watercraft immediately puts you in a select group of boaters that value quality, style, craftmanship and prestige.  Without question Classic speedboats represent a skipper’s choice to enter a unique boating lifestyle.  That decision is one that requires considerable thought.  Boating at any level is a luxury, an activity that brings pleasure for Family and friends. That said, making the right boating decision at the onset will make or break one’s experience.

Before the internet, buyers depended on word of mouth, literature and personal experiences to guide them towards a purchase.  Today, we all benefit from network of resources that provide easy access to all sectors of the boating lifestyle.  Gathering knowledge is the foundation of your journey toward your dream boat.  Like new boats on the market, there is a variety of designs available to those shopping for a Classic boat.  The first question we ask potential clients is, “How do you intend to use the boat?” Buying an E Type Jaguar, when you really need a station wagon is like buying a Classic Runabout when all you need is a rowboat.  Do your research, determine where you plan to use the boat, what function the boat provides and who you want to boat with.

Consider your connection to the water.  Some clients enjoy easy access to their boat at the dock, but for most of us storage and transport is a factor.  Larger boats require more space and a truck with greater towing capacity.  Moorage continues to be in high demand and needs to be in place before you go boating. 

Prices vary considerably in the Classic boat market.  Demand continues to be strong as supply of suitable boats drop. Regardless, determine what budget you have in mind for the acquisition, the insurance, the storage/moorage, any upgrades required and annual upkeep.  Study the Classic boat market to refine your options and note that asking price is not always what the boat will sell for.  Consider using a reputable Broker who is paid a commission for their input.  That is money well spent as they retain a wealth of knowledge, can steer you in the right direction and often know what the bottom line price is for the boat.

Finally, once you have settle on what you think is your dream boat, appoint a marine surveyor to inspect the boat and provide detailed report on condition and valuation.  Like cars, there are many boats on the market that look good on the surface but are riddled with issues that are not obvious to the buyer. 

We encourage you to complete your research as you enter this unique boating lifestyle, then contact us to assist you in finding a Classic boat that exceeds your expectations.  The Crew here at Absolute Classics Marine are ready to answer any questions you may have about Restorations, Buying/Selling a Classic Speedboat or finding that special part you need to complete your project.