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3M JOB PACK SANDPAPER SHEETS - dry sanding of wood prior to staining and varnishing. Packed 5/pkg and comes in 40, 80, 100, 120 grits.  We only sand to a maximum of 100 or 120 grit.  Beyond that the wood gets too 'polished' to accept the stain.  This portion of the sanding is most critical to the final finish of the boat.  Any minute sanding scratches not going with the grain will show up with the staining process.  Take your time at this stage to get it right.

Suggested Retail: $9.74/5pk.   Our Price: $8.46/5pk

3M IMPERIAL WET/DRY SANDPAPER -  premium quality sandpaper sheets available in 220 to 1200 Grits.  We use these for our finish sanding of the varnished surfaces. 

Suggested Retail: $1.92 ea.   Our Price: $1.76 ea or $15.96/10

We also stock Orbital Sandpaper sheets - contact us for grits available and prices.  Also have Safety Supplies such as Dust Masks, Safety Glasses, Nitrile/Latex  Gloves, etc.