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WEST SYSTEM - FILLERS - there are a number of fillers and fairing fillers avaialble for the WEST SYSTEM epoxies.  The most common ones we use are:

#403 Microfibre Adhesive Filler - is a fine fibre blend used as a thickening additive to create a multi purpose adhesive for bonding wood. Has good gap filling qualities while retaining excellent wetting/penetrating capability - Off White colour.

Suggested Retail: 6 oz - $16.17  Our Price $14.96  OR - 20 oz - Suggested Retail: $39.43  Our Price $36.96

#405 Filleting Filler - this one is good for use in glue joints and fillets on naurally-finished wood.  It mixes easily with epoxy and creates fillets that are smooth and require little sanding.   Brown Colour

Suggested Retail: 8 oz - $26.05  Our Price $23.96 

#407 Low Density Fairing Filler - is a blended microballoon-based filler used to make fairing putties that are easy to sand or carve.  Reasonably strong on a strength to weight basis. Cures to a dark red/brown colour.

Suggested Retail: 4 oz - $23.88  Our Price $20.96  OR - 12oz - Suggested Retail: $60.87  Our Price $57.96

#410 Microlight Filler - is the ideal low-density filler for creating a light, easliy worked fairing compound especially suited for fairing large areas.  Feathers to a fine edge and more economical for large fairing jobs. Cures to a tan colour.

Suggested Retail: 2 oz - $22.64  Our Price $19.96  OR5 oz - Suggested Retail: $50.00  Our Price $47.96