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MARINE MAHOGANY PLYWOOD - available in 4x8 sheets, in 3 grades: Good - Aqua-tek (Meranti from Malaysia); Better - Hydro-tek (Meranti from Malaysia); and Best - Occume (African). Thicknesses from 3mm to 18mm thickness. 

Meranti (Hydro-Tek/Aqua-Tek) as compared to Occume - has higher strength, is less flexible, is harder, heavier and thought to be more rot resistant.  Occume is not as strong, but is more flexible, is softer, lighter and is thought to be not as rot resistant.  Of the two Meranti’s Hydro Tek is the better choice.  We use all three types depending on what it is being used for.  Occume has a nicer longer grain than the Meranti so a better choice if it is going to be visible.

Size Comparison - 3mm = 1/8”, 4mm = 1/8”, 6mm = ¼”, 9mm = 3/8”, 12mm = ½”, 15mm = 5/8”, 18mm = ¾”

We typically stock 3, 4 and 6mm sheets in either Aqua-tek or Hydro-tek and usually have 2-3 day delivery on other sizes and grades. 

Price is market sensitive so contact us for the most current pricing.