***NEW***  SANDUSKY STAINS -  we have just been appointed the Canadian Dealer for Sandusky Paints & Stains.  They have also taken over the discontinued Pettit Stain formulas for those who prefer them to Interlux. Here are the stains that we carry in stock:

* P-7665-2 - Pettit Replacement - Dark Mahogany Filler Stain

* P-7660-2 - Pettit Replacement - Light Mahogany Filler Stain

* P-7666-2 - Pettit Replacement - Red Mahogany Filler Stain

* CN-1320-2 - Century Red Mahogany Filler Stain

* CC-749-2 - Chris-Craft Cordova Blonde Filler Stain (Sandy Brown tint -  post war Rivieras, Capris, Continentals)

* CC-9802-2 - Chris-Craft Corina Blonde Filler Stain (Very Yellow - used on some post war boats)

* CC-9603-2 - Chris-Craft Mahogany Filler Stain (most common Chris-Craft reddish stain)

* CC-9803-2 - Chris-Craft Dark Walnut Filler Stain ( used on mostly pre war Runabouts covering boards)

* CC-9805-2 - Chris-Craft Natural Filler Stain - (un-colored base used on King Planks on many boats)

All Sandusky Stains come in Quart size which you thin with Turpentine or thinner, brush on and then immediately wipe into the grain in a curcular fashion to get the best coverage.  Dry and then apply at least two coats of sealer and then start varnish.

Our Price in Canadian Dollars is currently $59.95/Qt. (or $44.96 USD)