EPIFANES EASY FLOW - Oil based formulation multi purpose additive or stand alone coating.

- Flow Enhancer - can be added to all conventional single part and half synthetic paints and varnishes to improve the flowing capability in any conditions less than ideal.  Ideallu suited for paint or varnish application in cold or extra hot conditions .  Recommended percentage is between 5-10% which will extend the wet edge time & reduce the possibility of lap or brush marks.

- Application on Wood - Easy Flow can be applied full strength onto bare wood  and an impregregnating wood sealer.  In addition it can also be added to wood primer up to 25% as a substitute for brush thinner.  This will provide better protection to the wood and will improve adhesion thus produces an excellent base for subsequent coats. of paint or varnish.

Suggested Retail $65.99 - OUR PRICE - $56.49/L