Our Story / History

Over 25 years of experience has brought Absolute Classics Marine and Boathouse Bay Classics to the pinnacle of the Classic Boat world in North America. From its beginnings in 1989 as Middleton Boatworks we have built a reputation second to none as a premier wooden boat restoration shop and classic boat brokerage in the Pacific Northwest. It was in that year that we were founded by Andrew Middleton who followed his dreams by training as a wooden boat craftsman at the Wooden Boat School in Lowestoff, England. Soon after completing his first restorations he quickly boasted clients from all over the Pacific Northwest adding dozens of show winning restorations including a first place finish at the prestigious Lake Tahoe Concours d’Elegance with ‘Diddit’ a 1941 Chris Craft 19’ Custom (Barrelback).

As his reputation grew more and more clients were looking for ways to source and sell classic boats and supplies and he did his best to accommodate their requests but time was always an enemy. In 2005 after enlisting the support of his brothers Bruce and Peter, who both shared his love of boats and boating, a decision was made to officially open a separate independent brokerage division - Absolute Classics Marine - to sell and service both original classic and neo-classic boats. This expansion also led to a name change for the restoration division which is now known as Boathouse Bay Classics.

Now, ten years later, Absolute Classics Marine (ACM) has grown to include a new easy to find location with sales of both new and classic boats of all descriptions and a state of the art restoration facility all under one roof. The ACM Brokerage division has a great selection of Classics from the 20's to the 60's of all makes and descriptions including Chris Crafts, Century's, Shepherds, Ditchburns, Hackers and many more.. Check out our listings to see what is available now. If you don't see what you are looking for contact us and through our network of brokers across the continent and we can usually find you the boat of your dreams. Included in our list of Brokerage boats is the introduction of neo classic boats from European and North American builders. All boats sold by ACM are either classically styled or involve some form of wood detailing, are limited production or custom ordered - basically designs that set them apart from the sea of white plastic that dominates our lakes.