New Luxury Classic Style Boats - Chris Craft and Bryant

new Chris Craft boat for sale New Chris-Craft Boats

In 1874, Chris-Craft set a standard by which all other boats were measured. Today, nothing has changed.

Chris-Craft's vision is to build boats that stand out in a sea of sameness. Their mission is to design and build boats that provide the intense pleasure of an unforgettable boating experience. There are six cornerstone qualities that define a Chris-Craft. They have been refined by over 140 years of boat building experience and reflect the values and beliefs of our founder, Chris Smith. Every boat that builds fulfills the promise of their brand through these elements: Timeless beauty, Agile performance, Durable dependability, Traditional craftmanship, Stylish comfort.

new Bryant boat for sale New Bryant Boats

At Bryant, their craftsmen are the most skilled and experienced in the world. With an average of 12 years experience, each takes a high level of pride in creating high-quality, hand-made boats.

They strive to build the best, longest-lasting boats on the water, and every one of their building techniques is centered on that goal. One example is their hull-curing process. They leave their boats in the mold to cure for 3 days, a full day longer than the industry standard. It’s more time-consuming, and more expensive. But that’s what it takes to build a boat that will withstand the test of time.