1941 CHRIS-CRAFT 19' CUSTOM - Barrelback

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1941 CHRIS-CRAFT 19' CUSTOM  - Barrelback

1941 CHRIS-CRAFT 19' CUSTOM (Barrelback) "DIDDIT"- probably one of the most well known of the 1940/41 CC Customs - this is the ex-(B)ELJIM that was found in a windowless Boathouse in New Hampshire in 2005 having sat unused since 1966 and with what was estimated to have been less than 100 hours of use until then.  Covered by her canvas tarp she was shielded from the elements for all those years which preserved her very original condition.  Considered by many to be the most factory correct 1940/41 Customs in existence she was fully photo documented by noted Chris-Craft historian Don Ayers. 

In 2011 she was purchased by our client who, after due consideration of her original condition, decided to have her restored (essentially refinished) to as delivered factory condition with the goal of entering her in the 2014 Lake Tahoe Concours d'Elegance Classic Boat Show in the Marquis Class. Because of that condition, extreme attention to detail was taken to ensure as correct a restoration as possible was completed.  The biggest concession was made to replace the inner bottom planks which were oil saturated primarily around the engine area but do it in the factory correct method.  Instead of replacing the original inner layer with new canvas we substituted 3M-5200 Adhesive as the new 'membrane' giving her a more 'no-soak' bottom.  In the interest of safety we also replaced the wiring harness with correct style replica wire and fittings.  When removing the original harness we went so far as to tag & number all the staples to make sure they went back into the original holes they came out of!! The other safety item replaced was the fuel tank which was copied from the original factory tank as the tank that was in the boat was a modified one probably added in the 1950's or 60's and would not meet USCG specs. 

The pictures unfortunately can not tell the whole story of it's rebirth but the result was impressive.  Entered in the 2014 Lake Tahoe Marquis Class of 20 or more of the best Barrelbacks in North America - a dozen of which were judged - Diddit was scored at 94 out of 100 good enough for a first place award.  Of note virtually all other boats had been judged at least once before and were familiar with any faults they had - Diddit got a first on her first try!!  The points that were deducted were for things like the non factory bottom, a horn malfunction and a few other minors things. All of which have since been corrected (other than the bottom of course) making her as close to a 100 point boat as you can get.